Yamaha Wolverine RMAX Deluxe Self-Canceling Turn Signal Kit


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Blinkers That Auto Cancel
The Yamaha RMAX is a born-and-
bred mixed-use machine. It’s ready for the job site or the trail—but what
about the open road? Get your rig one step closer to road ready with
SuperATV’s Yamaha Wolverine RMAX Deluxe Self-Canceling Turn Signal Kit. The
signals auto cancel so that you won’t leave your blinker on for miles and
miles. Use a long press to keep your signals blinking even longer.
Installation is totally plug-and-play, plus we include a rocker-controlled

Finally—Automatic Turn Signals
This turn
signal kit is truly plug-and-play. It uses your OEM harness and connects to
your OEM tail lights and dash indicator. But here’s the best part: the turn
signals turn off on their own. And you get two auto-cancel durations. A quick
press sets a short signal and a longer press gives you an extended signal

BlinkTek Synchronizes Lights
other lighting accessories like whip or fang lights? No problem—this kit works
with almost all of those. And all your connected lights will blink in sync
thanks to our BlinkTek Technology! Just wire up the lights you want to use as
turn signals and BlinkTek takes care of the rest.

Includes a
Horn and Hazard Light Mode

Our turn signal kit includes four
amber-colored LED lights—two for each side on the front. The dash-mounted
rocker switch controls the LEDs and our BlinkTek Technology syncs your tail
lights to work as turn signals too. A second rocker switch controls the horn
and hazard light mode. The switches are lit from behind so they’re easy to see

Plug-and-Play Installation
You don’t want
to spend hours and hours installing a turn signal kit. That’s why we include
everything you need for a plug-and-play install—like color-coded wiring. The
IP67-rated control box is water resistant and durable, so you’ll only have to
install it once. It’s truly plug-and-play—just connect to the OEM harness and
you’re ready to rock.

Kit Includes

  • (4)
    3/4” amber LED indicator lights
  • Horn
  • Hazard light/horn
    rocker switch
  • Turn signal rocker switch
  • Auto-cancel control
  • All required hardware and wiring
  • Splice kit


  • Turns off automatically thanks to our BlinkTek Technology
  • Connects to and controls OEM taillights and dash indicator
  • Compatible with LED side mirrors, light bars, whip lights, and other
    lighting accessories
  • IP67-rated connectors
  • Includes a
    switch-operated 105 dB horn
  • Functions as turn signals and hazard
  • 4 times brighter than our previous turn signal kit
  • Plug and play
    • Utilizes OEM harness and connectors


  • Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 2 : 2021+
  • Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 4 :