12 V UTV Voltmeter and Dual USB Charger


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A Multifunction UTV Voltmeter
A dead battery can sneak
up on you faster than last nights 5-alarm chili. So make sure you’re tracking
your power usage with SuperATV’s 12 V UTV Voltmeter and Dual USB Charger. It
lets you monitor your power usage so your lights and sound system don’t drain
your battery. Plus, with built-in dual USB ports, you can charge your phones
quickly while you ride.

Rugged and Ready
part of your ride needs to be ready for off-road action, and your voltmeter is
no exception. Ours uses rubber plugs to seal the USB ports when not in use and
protect them from water. Plus, we include a wiring harness so you have
everything you need to get it installed and hit the trail.


  • 12–24 V input
  • 4.8 amps output
  • Dual USB fast-
    charging ports
  • Water resistant
  • Wiring harness included