Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail Heavy-Duty Ball Joints


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**Why We Make It**
The Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail is a UTV designed for fun, but nothing stops fun
quicker than breaking a stock ball joint. That’s why SuperATV made its Heavy-
Duty Ball Joints for the Arctic Cat Wildcat. They’re much stronger than your
stock ball joints, and whether your riding on a Trail or Trail Sport, you’ll
notice the difference.

**Industry Leading Strength**
We use 4340 chromoly steel that’s been hardened using our proprietary heat-
treating method. We also designed our stud so that it doesn’t narrow as much
as stock and then zinc plated the whole thing for superior durability. The
result is a ball joint that’s significantly stronger than stock. We know it’s
stronger because we invested millions into our advanced testing equipment, so
we could tweak and torture our ball joints to perfection.

That means you can ride as hard as you want. Keep your lead foot on the floor
because you know your ball joints can take the punishment.

**Greaseable – Serviceable**
We know you care about having serviceable parts, that’s why we put a grease
fitting in our heavy-duty ball joints. You can keep it running smoothly no
matter how you ride. We also included a threaded steel cap that allows you to
adjust stud tension or completely dismantle your ball joint for a deep clean.
With a little care, these ball joints will last for thousands of miles.


* Made of 4340 chromoly steel
* Unique heat treatment blend greatly extends ball joint life
* Double the strength of stock
* Stud is thicker than stock at the base
* Grease zerk included
* Preadjusted insert gives you the option to control stud tightness and service ball joint



* Arctic Cat Trail : 2014+

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