Assault Industries Rugged "Y" Strap (Fits: Adventure Rack; OG Spare Tire Rack)


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The Assault Industries rugged 3pt “Y” strap is made from high quality, low
stretch, woven synthetics as well as American aluminum and steel for high
strength. This system is made specifically for use with the Adventure Rack and
original spare tire rack, however can be used for a variety of purposes.

The steel components are coated in a corrosion resistant zinc plating. The
EZ ratcheting assembly features smooth soft touch rubberized surfaces designed
to be gentle on the hands and fingers. The steel hooks are coated to prevent
damage and corrosion.

This 2in strapping system is capable of holding
much more load than just a spare tire, so you can have confidence that it will
perform above and beyond expectations! The straps come only in black with
white stitching. An Assault Industries logo is screen printed on the tail
strap with high quality yellow ink.

Package Contents

(1) 3pt. “Y” strap


  • For Adventure Rack/Spare Tire Rack
  • Low stretch, high
    strength woven synthetics
  • Zinc coated steel components
  • Plasti-coated steel hooks protect surfaces
  • Soft-touch rubberized
    surfaces for comfort
  • Black + Yellow stitching
  • Screen printed
    Assault Industries logo (yellow)
  • Made in the USA