Honda Foreman 520 Radiator Relocation Kit


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Keep Your Radiator out of Danger
When you ride your
Honda Foreman 520 through brush and mud without our Radiator Relocation Kit,
you’re practically begging to puncture or clog your rad. Our kit moves it up
out of danger and protects it with 1/8” steel. It gives you better airflow and
unbeatable protection.

Prevent Clogs and Punctures

A mud-clogged radiator doesn’t do you any good. And one with a hole in it
is even worse. Our kit prevents clogs by putting your rad right in front of
your handlebars, and it stops punctures with a 1/8” steel mesh. We even put
extra protection around the cap so it won’t blow.

A Cooler
and Cleaner Rad

By raising your rad, you give it better airflow
so your whole machine stays cooler. On top of that, cleaning out whatever dust
manages to stick to it is a breeze. And a clean radiator is a happy radiator.


  • Relocates radiator to in front of your handlebars
  • Protects
    radiator with 1/8” steel grille and plating
  • Maintains excellent
    airflow for your radiator
  • Doesn’t block your view
  • Pairs
    perfectly with snorkel kits
  • Easy installation


  • Honda Foreman 520 : 2020+