Honda Heavy-Duty Replacement CV Joint Kit Rhino 2.0


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Get Your Axle Up and Running
You chose Rhino 2.0 for
your Honda side-by-side because you trusted us to get you through. If you
manage to push the boundaries too far and snap your Rhino 2.0’s CV joint, you
should first remember that they come with an 18-month warranty, and then you
can get a replacement CV Joint from SuperATV—the same folks that created Rhino
2.0 in the first place.

Built Just as Strong
These heavy-duty CV joints have a chromoly steel construction and feature
bigger components that give them more strength and higher articulation angles.
They feature puncture resistant TPEE boots that are packed with high-temp
synthetic grease. There’s no better way to revitalize your Rhino 2.0 Axle.

Kit Includes:
(1) Chromoly CV joint
(1) TPEE (thermoplastic
elastomer) boot
(1) Packet of synthetic grease
Large and small boot clamps
Castle nut, washer, and cotter pin


  • Large CV size for ultimate strength and articulation
  • Industry leading 4340 chromoly for unmatched longevity
  • Precision
    engineered cage and housing for reduced friction and a smooth range of
  • Proprietary heat treat process
  • Puncture resistant



Axle Sku Inner CV Outer CV
AX-3-64-F-0-DT CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RL-0-DT CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RR-0-DT CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-F-LK6-BT CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RL-LK6-DT CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RR-LK6-DT CVK-H-001
AX-3-83-R-LK8-DT CVK-H-008-R

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Additional information

Axle SKU Inner
Outer CV
AX-3-64-F-0-DT CVK-H-004 CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RL-0-DT CVK-H-003 CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RR-0-DT CVK-H-002 CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-F-LK6-BT CVK-H-005 CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RL-LK6-DT CVK-H-003 CVK-H-001
AX-3-64-RR-LK6-DT CVK-H-002 CVK-H-001
AX-3-82-F-0-DT CVK-H-006 N/A
AX-3-83-F-0-DT CVK-H-006 N/A
AX-3-83-R-LK8-DT CVK-H-008-R N/A
Select CV (See Fitment Tab)

CVK-H-001, CVK-H-008-R