Honda Pioneer 1000 Dynojet Power Vision 3 ECU Tuner


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Unlock Your Pioneer’s Potential
Can you imagine the
capabilities of your Honda Pioneer 1000 if it had a little more power? By
installing SuperATV’s Honda Pioneer 1000 Rev1 Dynojet Power Vision 3 ECU
Tuner, you can give your machine the power you want. Besides enhancing your
rig’s performance, it doubles as a sweet diagnostic tool that allows you to
tweak its tune and troubleshoot problems. With this Power Vision 3 tuner added
to your machine, you’ll think you have a whole new machine.

Raising the Limits
When it comes to performance
enhancement, this tuner gets the job done. Do you want to go faster? It raises
your speed and rev limiters so you can. If you’re looking for more torque, it
does that by adjusting your engine’s timing for more HP. Plus, it makes
everything more convenient with faster limp mode, two-foot driving, and lower
fan temps.

Piece-of-Cake Installation
hard to believe you can add more power to your rig in minutes. But it’s true
with the Power Vision 3 ECU Tuner. Just plug it into your diagnostic port and
hit the install button—it’s that simple. And its bright screen makes it easy
to read and navigate.

Live Diagnostics
Do you
want some real-time data so you can make your own tunes? Leave this tuner
plugged in during your ride and it will log all the data you could want, from
RPM to wheel speed. After you’re done riding, plug it into your computer and
tweak your tunes with the Power Core tuning software.

Power Vision 3 Gives You:
rev limits
Higher speed limits
Lower fan
Faster limp mode
Simultaneous gas
and brake
Tweakable tunes
Live diagnostic
Data logging


  • Installs in minutes via standard diagnostic plug
  • Easy-to-
    use, full-color display
  • Boosts all-around performance and feel
  • Raises rev and speed limiters
  • Can be tuned back to stock
  • Operates as a live diagnostic tool and data logger for
    troubleshooting and optimizing
  • Tweak your own tunes using included
    Power Core software


  • Honda Pioneer 1000 : 2016-2021
  • Honda Pioneer 1000 Deluxe :
  • Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS : 2016-2019
  • Honda Pioneer
    1000 Limited Edition : 2017-2020
  • Honda Pioneer 1000-5 :
  • Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe : 2016-2021
  • Honda
    Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition : 2017-2021