Honda Talon 1000 Seat Belt Override


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**Perfect for Aftermarket Harnesses**
Get a Seat Belt Override for your Honda Talon to keep your speed up when you
install an aftermarket harness. The Talon limits your speed when the seat belt
is unfastened, making it impossible to drive at high speed if you’ve replaced
your factory seat belts with a robust 4– or 5-point harness. Our seat belt
override gives you back your speed.

Remember to always buckle up when you ride!


* Eliminates speed restrictions caused by aftermarket seat belts
* Designed for use with 4– or 5-point aftermarket harnesses
* Fast install—under 10 minutes
* No cutting, no splicing or soldering


* Honda Talon 1000R : 2019+
* Honda Talon 1000X : 2019+
* Honda Talon 1000X-4 : 2020+