Kubota Side View Mirror


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Keep Your Eyes on the Trail
Keep your eyes on the trail
ahead with SuperATV’s Side View Mirrors. When you’re strapped down tight and
flying through the forest, our side mirrors let you see whats going on behind
and around you with just a glance. Our mirrors measure approximately 8.5″ x
4.24″ and feature a convex wide-angle design so you can easily spot rocks
around your tires and riders behind you.

Versatile for Any

These SuperATV mirrors are built for 2″ cages. They’re
fully adjustable on breakaway spherical mounts so you get the perfect angle no
matter what your eye level is. They make your life easier.


* Includes left and right mirrors
* 8.5″ x 4.25″ convex mirror
* Wide viewing angle
* Heavy-duty clamps and brackets
* Mounts quickly and easily to 2.0” frames


* Kubota RTV-X900 Diesel : 2014+
* Kubota RTV-X1100C Diesel : 2014+
* Kubota RTV-X1120 Diesel : 2014+
* Kubota RTV-X1140 Diesel : 2016+

**NOTE:** May NOT be compatible with some windshields.