MTX StreetWires 10 AWG Amplifier Kit


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Rock Out!
When you’re out cruising the trail with your
buddies, you need to have your jams! From the bounty hole to the dunes,
there’s nothing like pulling wild stunts with your own soundtrack. Our friends
at MTX made the StreetWires 10 AWG Amplifier Kit to get your suped-up MTX
sound system ready to rock ASAP.

Everything You

This handy kit has everything you need to get your MTX
amplifier powered up. That’s right, it comes with all the cables, connectors,
and fuses you need. And with lightning-fast shipping from SuperATV, you’ll be
ready to blast your tunes by the weekend!


Kit Includes

  • 3m (9.8′) 10 AWG Red Power Cable with
    ATC Fuse Holder
  • 3m (9.8′) 10 AWG Black Ground Cable
  • 3m
    (9.8′) 22 AWG Remote Wire
  • 10 AWG Ringer Terminal 5/16”
  • 10
    AWG Ring Terminal 3/16”
  • 2) 10 AWG Spade Connectors
  • 18 AWG
    Red Butt Connector
  • 30A ATC Fuse


For use with any amplifier