Polaris ACE Front Differential Fill and Drain Plug Kit


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Fix Your Busted Diff Plugs
A busted diff plug on your
Polaris ACE can sneak up on you. Once you strip the threads on your drain
plug, you can have a serious leak. That leads to serious diff problems if you
don’t fix it quick. Replace your plugs with SuperATV’s Front Differential Fill
and Drain Plug Kit. It comes with O-ring seals and a magnet in the drain plug
to catch debris. You’ll have the smooth, leak-free front diff you need.


* Made of heavy-duty steel
* Includes O-ring seals
* Magnet in drain plug catches metal shavings
* M16 x 1.5 thread pitch
* Compatible with stock and SuperATV differentials


* Polaris Ace 900 : 2016-2019
* Polaris Ace 570 : 2015-2019
* Polaris Ace 500 : 2017-2019
* Polaris Ace 325 : 2014-2016