Polaris ACE Turf Mode Delete Kit


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Make Your Transmission Stronger
What’s the one thing you
don’t want in your transmission if you want it to last a lifetime? Turf mode!
That little one-wheel drive gear set is prone to failure whether you take it
easy or not. It might save your grass, but it’s going to destroy your
transmission if it hasn’t already. Replace the turf mode system in your
Polaris ACE’s transmission with SuperATV’s stronger Turf Mode Delete Kit.
Whether it’s already exploded or you just want to keep it from exploding, our
kit is made with chromoly steel and bulletproof bearings to make sure your
transmission can run for years.

Turf Mode can Explode Even
if You’re Not Using It

Turf mode is a stock feature designed for
a stock machine. That means stock tires, stock lift, and stock driving. As
soon as you make an upgrade, add some weight, and start driving like you want
to have fun, your turf mode gear set can explode. This can happen even when
you have four-wheel drive engaged. And exploded turf mode means dumping lots
of money for a new transmission and lots of downtime.

Fix it now
instead of paying for it later.


  • Eliminates your transmissions biggest weak spot
  • Made with
    chromoly steel
  • Comes complete with all needed bearings


  • Polaris Ace 325 : 2014-2016
  • Polaris Ace 500 : 2017+
  • Polaris Ace 570 : 2015+
  • Polaris Ace 900 : 2016+