Polaris General 1000 Full Skid Plate


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Full Front-to-Back Protection
When it comes to machine
protection, your Polaris General’s factory skid plate offers the bare minimum.
It might perform just fine on casual rides, but if you want to tackle bigger
obstacles and cover rougher ground, you need something that’s stronger than
stock. SuperATV’s Full Skid Plate offers full front-to-back protection, which
is exactly what you need to ride the way you want.

Made of
Proprietary ARMW

Flying rocks and stray stumps are no match for
SuperATV’s proprietary ARMW skid plate. This unique material is a blend of
UHMW that offers industry-leading strength and dependability. With ultra-high
abrasion resistance and unmatched impact strength, we guarantee this is the
last skid plate you’ll ever need to buy.

A Perfect Fit for
Your General

Our cutting-edge CNC routers and patented
interlocking design deliver a skid plate with flush edges and a perfect fit.
The countersunk bolts give you a perfectly smooth surface and allow you to
glide right over obstacles that could otherwise leave your undercarriage hung
up. All of this, in addition to our easy-to-follow installation process, comes
together to give you an aftermarket UTV skid plate that’s second to none.

Pat. No. 10,202,149


  • Uses abrasion and break-resistant 1/2” proprietary ARMW material
  • Bolts fit flush to skid plate for smooth surface
  • Full front-to-
    back protection
  • Laser scanned and CNC cut for a perfect fit
  • Drain ports make cleanup easy
  • Patented interlocking design


  • Polaris General : 2016+