Polaris General RackBoss 2.0 Rack and Pinion for Big Lift Kits


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A Rack and Pinion That Won’t Wear Out
Whether you’re
working or playing, sloppy steering can ruin your ride. If you abuse your
General like we think you do, your culprit is probably your rack and pinion.
All rack and pinions eventually wear out, leading to poor performance—except
RackBoss 2.0. SuperATV’s Polaris General RackBoss 2.0 Rack and Pinion is built
to never wear out thanks to our X24 technology that reduces wear by over 50%.
So go ahead, add that giant lift, big tires, and every heavy-duty upgrade you
can imagine. Your steering will stay reliable with a RackBoss 2.0 Rack and

Unbeatable Dual-Bushing Design
tech makes RackBoss 2.0 the most durable rack and pinion available. Heavy-duty
PTFE bushings at both ends remove play from the internal gears and tension
spring. Less unneeded movement = less wear and tear. There’s also a built-in
grease fitting so you can keep the internal components lubricated and flush
dirt and crud out after a mud-bogging session. Altogether, X24 tech reduces
wear and tear by over 50%.

Solid Steel Bar Z-Bend Tie

We’ve included some of our most hardcore tie rods with the
RackBoss 2.0. They’re heavy-duty 1” solid steel bars with gusseted Z-bend for
upgraded strength and reliability. We use heim joints on both ends, one with
16 mm rack threads and one with 3/4” rod threads. You won’t find a stronger
set of tie rods for your General.


  • Heavy-duty dual PTFE bushings:
    • Designed with X24
    • Prevents wear
    • Reduces slop
    • Improves overall
  • Solid steel and billet aluminum tie rods use:
    • 3/4” outer tie rod ends
    • Rebuildable inner tie rod ends that
      use 3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads
  • 65% larger housing
    than stock
  • Over 50% less wear than OEM after 15,000 cycles
  • Grease fitting for rack gears


  • Polaris General : 2016+
  • Polaris General 4 : 2017+

NOTE: Only for use with SuperATV 7”–10” Lift Kits