Polaris Ranger XP 900 EZ-Steer Series 6 Power Steering Kit


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Upgrade Your EPS to 600 Watts
You’ve added an enormous
lift and gigantic tires—but now the puny OEM power steering can barely turn
the wheels. At SuperATV, we believe you should work smarter, not harder.
That’s why we made our Polaris Ranger XP 900 EZ-STEER Series 6 Power Steering
Kit. It gives you 600 watts of power on a single battery—that’s the best in
the industry, hands down.

Maximum Control without

Our 600-watt EPS kit maneuvers 50”+ tires easily and
eliminates feedback for smoother, easier steering. Maneuvering through thick,
peanut-butter mud has never been easier. Or, if you’re a rock crawler, you get
maximum power and sensitivity for the trickiest situations. It’s even speed-
sensitive, so you get maximum control at a crawl without touchiness at higher

EZ-STEER = Easy Install
You can roll
through the creek with confidence thanks to EZ-STEER. This steering kit has a
waterproof control box and fully sealed input and output shafts, so no water
is going to destroy it. And the same tech that makes EZ-STEER waterproof makes
it dust- and sand-proof too, so dirt won’t get in and ruin it over time. We
designed it to be easy to install with full instructions included and
absolutely no soldering required. You’ll be back to work in no time at all.

You Need EZ-STEER!
We don’t call any ole EPS
kit an “EZ-STEER” kit. To qualify for the title of EZ-STEER, they have to be a
cut above the rest. EZ-STEER kits have to be waterproof, durable, and—of
course—beefy as hell. We put this 600-watt kit through the wringer on the
trail and in the lab to make sure it could keep up with our incredibly high
standards. We drowned it in bounty holes, climbed rocky cliffs, and passed
every other rig on the trail without overheating or draining the battery. You
can trust SuperATV to build a high-quality EPS kit because we know how side-
by-side owners really ride. We’re so confident in our EZ-STEER kits that we
back them all up with a 3-year warranty.


Is 600 watts a bit much for your rig? Check out our other EPS kit
for the XP 900
. It has the same awesome EZ-STEER tech in a smaller


  • 600-watt motor doesn’t require a second battery
  • Capable of
    steering 50”+ tires with ease
  • Eliminates steering feedback
  • Compact control box for easier mounting and installation
  • No
    soldering required for EZ-STEER wiring
  • Sealed input and output
  • Waterproof control box and connectors
  • Pairs perfectly
    with GDP Portals


  • Polaris Ranger XP 900 : 2013-2019
  • Polaris Ranger XP 900 Crew
    : 2014-2019