Polaris RZR 200 Skid Plate


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Protect Your Kid’s RZR
You can imagine when your kiddo
gets behind the wheel of their RZR 200, they’re going to rip around the trail
as fast as they can. That’s great until they roll over a sharp stick or large
rock, impaling their oil cooler and steering box. Install SuperATV’s skid
plate to your kid’s RZR 200 for front-to-back undercarriage protection. It
sits flush to your OEM skid plate, protecting the vulnerable area your stock
plate doesn’t. With this aluminum skid plate installed, you can relax knowing
your youngster and their RZR 200’s undercarriage are protected.

Quality Material
When designing the skid plate for this
machine, we wanted the best protection without compromising the machine
itself. We used 1/16” aluminum that’s CNC cut to the machine’s specifications.
It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t take away from your kid’s speed, yet strong
enough to fend off sharp sticks and rocks.

Easy Installation
& Cleanup

This RZR 200 skid plate has everything you need for a
quick install and easy cleanup. We know how fun it is to play in the mud, so
we’ve cleverly designed built-in drain ports that make spraying out mud and
trail debris easy. Plus, we’ve made installation a breeze—we provide all the
hardware needed, and our simple design allows it to be mounted directly to the


  • Made with 1/16” aluminum
  • Bolts fit flush to skid plate for
    a smooth surface
  • Completes stock skid plate for front-to-end
  • Laser scanned and CNC cut for a perfect fit
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Drain ports make cleanup easy


  • Polaris RZR 200 : 2022+