Polaris RZR Trail 900 RackBoss 2.0 Steel Bar Tie Rod Kit


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A Tie Rod Kit with Unmatched Strength
If your steering
feels shaky, there’s a good chance your tie rods and ends are going bad. Keep
your steering solid with a SuperATV RackBoss 2.0 Steel Bar Tie Rod Kit
installed on your Polaris RZR Trail 900. Our big, beefy inner and outer tie
rod ends make this the tie rod kit to outlast all others. You’ll keep riding
hard where others buckle.

Beefed Up Heims that Crush the

We put 1” diameter solid steel tie rods in this kit
because they can handle heavy tires and hard riding without buckling. But we
take it to another level with our outer heim joint tie rod ends and the inner
rebuildable ball and sockets. They use huge 3/4” threads to connect to the
rods—a thread diameter you won’t find on other tie rod kits. With the weakest
point made beefier than ever, you can ride through anything.

And on
top of that, our rods are backed by a lifetime warranty. There’s no stopping
this kit.

A Complete Kit Installs Easily
Everything you need to get this RZR Trail 900 tie rod kit installed comes
right in the box. You get heims, hardware, and even zip ties for the boots.
That way, you can spend more time behind the wheel and less time in the

Kit Includes

  • Heavy-duty solid
    steel bar tie rod shafts
  • 3/4” inner and outer tie rod ends
  • All boots and zip ties
  • Misalignment bushings and hardware
  • Thread locker


  • Solid steel bar tie rods for maximum strength
  • Designed for
    use with RackBoss 2.0 racks
  • Hardened heim joint tie rod ends
  • 3/4” diameter inner and outer tie rod threads
  • Stock length
  • Easily adjustable without disassembling
  • Tie rods
    backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Polaris RZR Trail 900 : 2021+

Compatible with SuperATV’s RackBoss 2.0 Rack and Pinions only