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It’s Bloody Good!
How can you make sure your GDP Portal
Gear Lift lasts through every mud hole and every rock garden when you’re
putting the pedal down? Give them Portal Blood—it’s portal gear oil designed
just for GDP. It’ll last 4 times longer than other gear oil so you can ride 4
times longer before changing it. Its super high viscosity formula keeps your
gears coated. Plus, we’ve packed it full of oil tech that you won’t find
anywhere else—it’s from the same guys that make your GDP Portal Gear Lift
after all. Portal Blood is expert-made oil for expert-made portals.

Get All the Portal Blood You Need
You have your choice 1
32 oz bottle, a 6-bottle case, or a 5-gallon jug. Each one quart bottle is
enough to fill all four portal boxes regardless of what size portal kit you
have. Our 5-gallon jug gives you enough oil for up to 80 portal boxes—perfect
for your shop or ride club. Plus, it comes with a pull-out spout and is
compatible with drop-in pumps for extra convenience.

Specially Formulated for Portals
Portal Blood is made
specifically for portals and not some generic one-size-fits-all gear oil that
you can pick up at any auto parts store. What makes Portal Blood so much
different than your typical gear oil? Lots of things.

Portal Blood

  • Last 4X longer than other oil because it’s made with highly
    refined, superior grade base oil for long-lasting lubrication
  • Condition seals so they don’t shrink, harden, or crack
  • Inhibit
    rust, corrosion, and oxidation so that your gears last longer
  • Stick
    to your gears even when your machine isn’t running which reduces dry start
  • Demulsify water to keep it separate from oil and doesn’t allow
    it to cling to any surface
  • Lower operating temps and reduce seal
  • Cushion impact from heavy loads to minimize wear and reduce
    vibration and chatter

Ride Harder and Longer

What do all these high-tech features mean when you’re out on the trail?
They mean you ride without worrying and hit harder trails, creeks, and mud
holes that you were too afraid to before. GDP Portals were already as strong
as they come, but now their blood is bulletproof too. Get Portal Blood and get
your heart pumping.


  • Lasts up to 4 times longer than other gear oil
  • Multiple
    sizes available:

    • Single 32 oz bottle (1 qt.)
    • 6-bottle case
      (1.5 gal.)
    • 5-gallon jug
  • 1 bottle is enough to fill all
    four portal hubs (4”, 6”, or 8”)
  • Keeps water from clinging to
  • Strengthens and enlarges seals
  • Lowers operating

Special offer: Save over 30% off when you buy a
case—that’s 6 bottles for the price of 4


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32 oz. Bottle, 5 Gallons, Case – 6 Bottles