Segway Fugleman Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors


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Soft Upper Doors That Don’t Suck
Segway’s first UTV is
good at doing anything you want. And whether you’re lugging gear around our
getting down and dirty on the trail, you need reliable protection. That’s
where SuperATV’s Segway Fugleman Primal Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors come
in. They use our Pel-Tek technology to make them durable and water resistant.
And our clever design makes them versatile enough to take on any trail.

Made with Pel-Tek Technology
Our canvas door
material uses Pel-Tek technology to make them the most reliable soft doors on
the market. The PVC-backed polyester material is resistant to punctures,
abrasion, and mildew and CNC cut for a perfect fit that won’t sag. We use
high-quality binding along the edges to make the weak spots tough and finish
them with premium stitching. Finally, they secure with Velcro and robust
snaps. You can even use the included cinch straps for added security while
riding or trailering.

Double-Polished Windows
Our vinyl windows take clarity to the next level. They’re double polished to
make them the most exceptionally clear windshields on the market. On top of
that, they’re UV resistant so they won’t fade, yellow, or break down over

A Versatile Soft Cab Enclosure
swings in weather can make your ride uncomfortable if you’re not ready for
them. Luckily, our upper doors are ready for anything. The window uses heavy-
duty, snag-free zippers to roll up on the fly. They can be secured with flaps
and robust snaps to keep them safe from mud and debris. You’ll always be one
step ahead of the weather.

Make it a Full Cab

If you want total protection from mother nature, be
sure to add a roof and windshields to seal your cab. With a full cab
enclosure, there’s no force of nature that can ruin your ride.


  • PVC-backed polyester utilizes Pel-Tek technology for maximum
  • Uses double-polished vinyl windows
  • Resistant to
    water, punctures, abrasions, UV radiation, and mildew
  • Heavy-duty
    snaps hold the windows open for more airflow
  • Industrial-strength
    Velcro strips and snaps hold the doors securely to your machine
  • Includes all hardware and instructions


  • Segway Fugleman : 2022+

Additional information

Add a rear windshield?

No, Yes: Standard Polycarbonate – Light Tint