Segway Villain Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt


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Heavy-Duty Drive Belt
It’s no wonder you have to
replace your drive belt with all the power your Segway Villain is packin’.
Instead of replacing your belt with the same one you keep shredding—invest in
SuperATV’s Segway Villain Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt. It gives you smooth-as-
butter engagement and is made of ultra-strong aramid fiber cord to prevent
separation. It’s the special ingredient you need to take your Villain to the
next level.

Rock and Trail Drive Belt
Rock and Trail Belt can handle the quick acceleration and the torque behind
your rig. How? It’s made of a tough aramid cord and rubber compound—the
special sauce for handling rough and rocky terrains at high speed.

So when you blow a belt in the backwoods, grab this heavy-duty CVT drive belt.
It’s better than replacing it with the OEM belt that keeps shredding.


  • Made with ultra-strong aramid fiber cord to prevent cord
  • Built for high strength, flexibility, and heat
  • Higher power transfer through your clutch
  • Smooth
  • Built for thousands of miles of abuse


  • Segway Villain : 2022+