SuperATV Terminator MAX UTV/ATV Tires


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Maximum Mud
The best mud tire on the planet just got
better. SuperATV’s Terminator MAX Tires will make you the king of all mud.
They’re the ultimate mud tire with an advanced lug pattern that results in
superior cleanout and traction in the deepest bounty holes. With mud-kickin’
ribs throughout and superior sidewall grip, these tires take mud riding to the

Maximum Performance
Just because
they’re a mud tire doesn’t mean they can’t tear it up everywhere else too.
That aggressive lug pattern has a big centerline lug to make them ride smooth
on trails, rocks, and roads. They’ll grip anywhere you take them. What makes
Terminator MAX rise above the rest is their low-weight design. In fact, they
weigh up to 10 pounds less than the competing mud tires. Less weight means
more performance and more fun.


No matter what your UTV is built like, there’s a
Terminator MAX Tire that will fit it. Got a massive lift with huge tire
clearance? We’ve got a set of Terminator MAX Tires just for you. Sticking with
stock or a small lift? There’s a set of Terminator MAX Tires for you too.

Maximum Style
You’ve never seen a tire like
the Terminator MAX before. They’re made to turn heads just as much as they
throw rooster tails. With detail, design, and style in every last lug, you get
minimal weight with maximum style.

Tire SKU Weight
TERMAX-30-10-14 47
TER-35/10/22 55 lb
TER-42/10/22 80 lb
TER-44/10/24 84 lb
TER-38/10/24 65


  • Enhanced lug pattern for increased grip and cleanout
  • Increased sidewall traction
  • Ejector ribs throughout to prevent
    mud cling
  • One of the lightest big tires available
  • One of the
    lightest aggressive mud tires available
  • 6-Ply rating
  • 2″
    tread depth
  • Load capacity: 1610 lbs @ 20 PSI
  • Built-in rim
    guard to protect your wheels from dings and dents


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Tire Size

28×10-14, 30×10-14, 32×10-15, 35×10-22, 38×10-24, 42×10-22, 44×10-24