Touch Up Paint


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Fix Those Scratches
We know stuff is gonna get
scratched—that’s kind of the definition of fun in the side-by-side world. But
that doesn’t mean those scratches don’t drive you crazy—especially that big
one you got when you nailed that rock. That’s why we provide 0.6 oz bottles of
touch-up paint in a variety of colors.

Keep your stuff looking
brand new and go scratch ‘em up again with touch-up paint from SuperATV.

Available Colors: Color
Wrinkle Black -00
Gloss Black -02
Polaris Red -03
Polaris Orange -04
White -05
White Aluminum -07
Voodoo Blue -16
Lime Squeeze -20


  • Multiple colors available—see table for options
  • Comes in a
    0.6 oz bottle with a brush applicator


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Black, Lime Squeeze, Orange, Red, Voodoo Blue, White, White Aluminum, Wrinkle Black