Yamaha Rhino Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt


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A Stronger, Longer-Lasting Belt
Your stock drive belt
can keep up just fine–as long as you’re riding nice and easy over flat
terrain. But as soon as you floor it or hit a rough patch, you can kiss that
OEM belt goodbye. Upgrade to a Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt from SuperATV to
really see what your Yamaha Rhino can do. It’s stronger, longer lasting, and
designed for your unique ride style.

Extreme Badass

Get ready to ride like never before with the Extreme Badass Belt. It’s
tailor made for big builds and challenging terrain. If monster tires, thick
mud, and tricky rock shelves are your cup of tea, this is the Yamaha drive
belt for you. An aramid fiber cord and high-strength rubber compound deliver
smooth engagement, even when it’s being squeezed hard by your clutch.

No other belt can handle rough rides and extreme torque pulls like
Extreme Badass can.


  • Built for high strength, flexibility, and heat resistance
  • Higher power transfer through your clutch
  • Smooth engagement
  • Made to endure thousands of miles of abuse


    OEM Part #: 5B4-17641-00-00 / 5KM-17641-01-00 / 3B4-17641-00-00 /

  • Yamaha Rhino 700 ; 2008-2013
  • Yamaha
    Rhino 660 : 2004-2008