Yamaha Seeker Side View Mirrors


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**Great Views at a Glance**
Make a statement with side view mirrors that look awesome and let you see the
trail behind you at the same time. SuperATV’s Seeker Side View Mirrors for
Yamaha UTVs give you the style you want and the at-a-glance visibility you
need. Get the look you want with the red, blue, orange, and black snap-on
pieces included with every mirror. You’ll look great and the convex mirrors
have a wide viewing angle so you can get a good look at what’s coming up
behind you.

**Fully Adjustable and Easy to Install**
Our breakaway mirrors install easily with heavy-duty billet aluminum clamps
and are fully adjustable. Our 1.75” diameter clamps fit snug and secure every
time with no slippage or rattle. The inset mirror pivots in any direction
allowing riders of any height to fine-tune the mirror angle to see more of the
tires or more of the trail. You get full awareness of your surroundings in an

**Customizable Style**
Maximize your style—each mirror comes with red, blue, orange, and black snap-
on chevrons so you can customize your look and match your machine. The
aggressive design and the colored chevrons will give you a one-of-a-kind look
that completes your UTV’s style.


  • Includes left and right mirrors
  • 6.5″ x 4.1″ convex
  • Comes with snap-on chevrons in multiple colors
  • Wide
    viewing angle
  • Heavy-duty billet aluminum clamps
  • Fits 1.75″
  • Mounts quickly and easily


  • Yamaha YXZ : 2016+
  • Yamaha Rhino : 2004-2011