Yamaha Viking Aluminum Doors


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**Style and Protection for Your Machine**
Adding a solid set of aftermarket doors doesn’t just make your machine look
cooler—it also provides protection for you and your passenger and helps keep
your cab free of unwanted debris. But you can’t find a solid set of doors just
anywhere. If you’re looking for doors that will keep you protected and stand
strong against years of trail abuse, you need SuperATV’s Aluminum Doors for
the Yamaha Viking. They’re extra rugged, good looking, and easy to
install—we’re talking less than an hour of garage time. Can’t beat that!

**Comfort You Can Count On**
It’s true that your Viking comes with stock doors, but they’re short and don’t
offer much in the way of security or protection. SuperATV’s Aluminum Doors sit
twice as high as your stock doors, stopping around elbow height for a
comfortable ride, and the sleek pull-up handle is strategically placed so
you’re not constantly bumping your knee into it. Every piece of this door is
designed with your comfort in mind.

**Multi-Bend Aluminum Design**
We construct the frame of this door using ultra-sturdy 1-1/4” aluminum tubing.
The door itself is also made of aluminum, which we love for its sturdy and
lightweight qualities. It gives you tons of extra protection without adding
unnecessary weight to your machine. Everything is powder coated for
exceptional durability, and the unique multi-bend design is made to complement
the appearance of your Viking and help you stand out in a crowd. Protection,
durability, and good looks—what more could you ask for?


  • Multi-bend aluminum construction is light and stylish
  • Heavy-
    duty frame with two mounting points provides long-lasting performance
  • Automotive-style latch with simple handle for easy entry and exit
  • Powder coated for maximum durability
  • Ergonomic height for a
    comfortable ride
  • Preassembled for a quick and easy installation


  • Yamaha Viking : 2014+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS : 2014+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS Ranch Edition : 2018+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS SE :