Yamaha Viking Heavy-Duty Ball Joints


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Heavy-Duty Ball Joints for Aggressive Rides
When you
hit the trails as hard as we do, your stock components tend to wear and give
faster. So instead of having to repeat the process of replacing your stock
ball joints again and again, install SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty Ball Joints for
your Yamaha Viking. You can do everything you did before without
hesitation—climb monster hills and hit the jump a littler harder. They’re made
from chromoly steel, making them stronger than stock. And thanks to our grease
fittings they’re super easy to service.

Made with Heat-
Treated Chromoly

We know ball joints are one of the most
important parts of your suspension. That’s why we’ve invested millions in
cutting-edge technology to deliver the best ball joints we possibly can.
They’re made with 4340 steel that’s gone through our proprietary heat
treatment method. And our design has made these ball joints thicker than stock
at the base. With all these components combined, these ball joints are two
times the strength of your stock ball joints.

The SuperATV

With our ball joints, you’ll get not only strength
but also convenience. Each ball joint comes with a greaseable zerk for easy
access and maintenance. At SuperATV, we understand the importance of both
strength and longevity. With an adjustable steel-on-steel design, you’re in
the driver’s seat for miles of reliability.


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Yamaha Viking Heavy-Duty Ball

Heavy Duty

For the weekend warrior.
Heavy Duty Ball Joint is 2x stronger than stock.

Can withstand 24,000 lbs of force.
  • Stud
    Thicker Than Stock
  • Stronger Than Stock
  • Greasable
  • Serviceable


  • Yamaha Viking : 2014+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS : 2014+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS Ranch Edition : 2018+
  • Yamaha Viking EPS SE :
  • Yamaha Viking VI : 2015+
  • Yamaha Viking VI EPS :
  • Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition : 2016+
  • Yamaha
    Viking VI EPS SE : 2015-2016

NOTE: Fits upper and
lower A-arms.

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1 Ball Joint, 2 Ball Joints, 4 Ball Joints