Yamaha Wolverine Aluminum Doors


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Taller, Stronger, More Stylish
Give your machine an
aesthetic update and keep the great outdoors from making its way into your cab
with SuperATV’s Aluminum Doors for the Yamaha Wolverine. Your Wolverine’s
stock doors are just that–stock. They look nice on your machine, but they’re
too short to actually offer any legitimate protection. So why not replace them
with these taller, stronger, more stylish doors from SuperATV? Our doors keep
mud, dust, and debris from flying into your cab (and getting all over your
legs), all while making your machine look even cooler.

Comfortable and Ergonomic
We’ve driven our fair share
of side by sides, so we know how uncomfortable it can be when you’ve got a
metal door handle digging into your knee–especially when you’re covering
rough terrain. That’s why we strategically placed the pull-up handle on these
doors so you don’t have to worry about all that banging and bruising. We also
designed these doors to be taller–around elbow height–so you’re given enough
coverage to stay mud-free, but still have enough space to move your upper body

Powder-Coated Aluminum Construction
Why do we love making aluminum doors? Easy–aluminum is sleek, strong, and
durable. It’s also super lightweight, so you’re getting a metaphorical ton of
protection without adding a literal ton of weight to your machine. The frame
is made of sturdy 1-1/4″ tubing and the door attaches to your machine at two
secure points. Each door is pre-assembled before being shipped to you and they
attach using stock mounting points, so installation is a breeze. Most of our
customers have these installed and are on the go in less than an hour!


  • Multi-bend aluminum construction is light and stylish
  • Heavy-
    duty frame with two mounting points provides long-lasting performance
  • Automotive-style latch with simple handle for easy entry and exit
  • Powder coated for maximum durability
  • Ergonomic height for a
    comfortable ride
  • Preassembled for a quick and easy installation


  • Yamaha Wolverine : 2016-2018

NOTE: Does
not fit Wolverine X4