Yamaha YXZ Uniball


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**Replacement Uniball Parts for Yamaha Boxed A-Arms**

SuperATV spared no detail in the creation of these arms and tip to tip you
will see strength, style, and features that are unmatched in the market. We
know ball joints can be a weak link. To ensure a bullet proof design, AtlasPro
arms are paired with a 4130 chromoly uniball. Match top of the line materials
with a stud that is 140% larger than OEM, and you’ve got a set of arms that
are Built for Battle. Important to note that the SuperATV uniball studs are
not necked down; they measure 17.9 mm compared to the OEM ball joint stud at
12.7. With a larger stud and meticulously heat treated materials, you have a
uniball that is 400% stronger than your stock ball joint.


* 17.9mm stud
* 4130 chromoly prehard HRC 30/34


* Yamaha YXZ High Clearance Boxed A-Arms

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Replacement Part

Bearing Only, Complete Uniball Kit, Uniball Stud Only