Arctic Cat Wildcat Heavy-Duty Tie Rods


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Don’t get caught on the trails with a broken tie rod. Replace your hollow, OEM
tie rods with SuperATV’s 7/8″ solid tube upgrade. As you move to larger tires,
more difficult terrain, or from general wear and tear, your stock steering
linkage can take a real beating.

SuperATV offers a solid tie rod that is designed to keep you rolling on the


* Available in black, green or red
* Complete tie rod
* Heavy-duty solid tubing
* Stock length replacement


* Arctic Cat Wildcat : 2012-2017
* Arctic Cat Wildcat X : 2013-2017
* Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 : 2013-2017
* Textron Wildcat X : 2018-2019
* Textron Wildcat 4X : 2018-2019

**Compatible with OEM Rack and Pinion:**