Textron Wildcat XX Winch Ready Front Bumper


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Better Protection
SuperATV’s Front Bumper for the
Textron Wildcat XX gives you the front end protection you need and the style
you want. The 1.75″ diameter steel tube has a UV resistant powder coating and
offers superior protection for your UTV’s front end bodywork and grill. With a
built-in winch mount, you can be prepared for everything the trail throws at

Superior Style
This low profile
bumper will keep your machine safe from collision and it’ll turn heads when
you’re cruising down the trail. If you want to stand out from the crowd–if
you want to tear through trails and rocks–if you want stare down the barrel
of that bounty hill and hit it full throttle–SuperATV’s Front Bumper is what
you need.

Built in Winch Mount
bumper comes with a winch mount capable of accepting 3500, 4500, and 6000 lb
Black Ops Winches. That means you save around $50 by not needing to purchase
an additional winch mount. All thanks to our winch-ready design! Having a
winch means you’re ready to save the day or save yourself the next time you
have a low talent moment.


* Full front end protection for plastic bodywork and grill
* Built in winch mount accepts most winches up to 6000 lb
* Sleek low profile design
* Made of 1.75” diameter steel tubing
* UV-resistant powder coat finish
* Complete with all hardware and instructions

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Winches and Accessories”) and get Built for Battle


* Textron Wildcat XX : 2018+
* Tracker XTR1000 : 2020+