Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport A-Arm Bushings


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Why We Make Them
Need new bushings for your Arctic Cat
Wildcat Sport XT EPS A-Arms. SuperATV’s got you covered. Our front kit of
bushings for your Arctic Cat will keep you up and running and keep you’re
A-arms free from wear. So don’t skimp out on wear items–get SuperATV’s
precision engineered A-arm bushings and get back on the trail. At SuperATV, we
utilize UHMW for our top of the line A-arm bushing kits.

UHMW is your best choice for long lasting
A-arm bushings. UHMW is a low wear material, ensuring you more miles than your
factory bushings. What allows for its low wear properties is the fact that
UHMW is a self-lubricating material. With that, you have less friction between
your bushings and A-arm. So if your bushings wear out, replace them with
better, lower wear UHMW bushings from SuperATV!


**UHMW Material**

* Self-lubricating
* Low wear characteristics
* Machined product
* Kit includes:
* (8) Bushings
* (2) Replacement long sleeves
* (2) Replacement short sleeves
* Bushings for front A-arms only


* Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport XT EPS : 2017
* Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport SE EPS : 2017
* Arctic Cat Wildcat Sport LTD EPS : 2017