Textron Wildcat XX Full Skid Plate


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A Tougher, Smarter Skid Plate
With a SuperATV ARMW
Skid Plate installed on your Textron Wildcat XX, you can ride hard knowing
your undercarriage is protected from rocks, branches, and underbrush. It’s
made with proprietary 1/2” ARMW that won’t bend or break even if you bottom
out on hard and unforgiving terrain. It’s smartly designed with drain ports
built in so clean up is easy when you’re done riding. With a patented
interlocking design, our skid plate attaches securely and seamlessly so
branches and rocks can’t get through.

Made of
Proprietary ARMW

Our skid plates are made with a proprietary
blend of UHMW called ARMW. It is high strength and low wear meaning you can
beat on it all weekend long and count on it staying in one piece. Roll hard,
smash into rocks, and hit logs, ARMW will help keep your UTV in one piece.

Pat. No. 10,202,149


  • Made with 1/2” thick proprietary ARMW material
  • Abrasion,
    break, and bend resistant
  • Patented interlocking design keeps branches
    and rocks out
  • Bolts fit flush to skid plate for a smooth surface
  • Full front to back protection
  • Trouble free installation
  • Drain ports make cleanup easy


  • Textron Wildcat XX : 2018+
  • Tracker XTR1000 : 2020+