Assault Industries Battery Terminal Relocation Kit (Fits: Polaris Slingshot)


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The Assault Industries battery terminal relocation kit moves a set of to a
more accessible area under the hood. The factory battery compartment is at the
rear under the body plastics. Tools are required to remove the panel, its
dirty and hard to get a set of jumper cables to.

We don’t drive our slingshot often and its so inconvenient to take it apart,
jump or charge the battery and put it all back together. This solution will
save you valuable time that can be better spent driving! Planning to store
your ride for the winter? Connect your trickle charger under the hood rather
than having a body panel laying around, getting kicked and stepped over for 5

The kit is assembled using top quality hardware and is made in the USA. A
plastic guard is included to prevent the potential of arching against
important vehicle hardware.

**Package Contents**

(1) Battery Terminal Kit
Plastic Guard


* Fits Polaris Slingshot
* High quality terminals and cabling
* Black powder coated Plate
* Makes jumps and charging easy
* Mounts under the hood
* Made in the USA


Polaris Slingshot : 2015+