Assault Industries Communications Roof Mount (Universal)


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The Assault Industries communications roof mount was designed to help make
space in the cabin. As dashes get more compact and dash mountable accessories
become more plentiful, it will be important to have some place for
communications hardware.

The roof mount was designed around Rugged radios but may work with other
brands with threaded mount holes on the sides of the unit. Elevating the
electronics in the vehicle also makes damage from water intrusion less likely.
Mounting holes are also available for accessory plugs, switches and buttons.
There are holes on both sides of the box near the back for routing electrical

A soft foam strip is sandwiched between the roof mount box and the vehicle
room to minimize noise. The Communications roof mount is designed and
manufactured in the USA and powder coated black.

[ **NOTE:** Does not fit with the new Digital Rugged Radio. ]

[ **NOTE:** _The roof mount box should be mounted to a flat roof._ ]

**Package Contents**

(1) Communications Roof Mount
Installation Hardware
Installation Instructions