Assault Industries Polaris RZR 900 Tinted Roof


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Overhead Protection You Need
Whether you’re navigating
hostile desert terrain or evading missile strikes, your overhead protection
can be the difference between failure and success. Equip your rig for battle
by adding Assault Industries’ Polaris RZR 900 Tinted Roof. It safeguards
against flying trail debris, harmful UV rays, and enemy fire. With this roof,
you get complete visibility, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on the

Pay Tribute to Complete Visibility

You’re under siege, and the enemy is closing in from both flanks—complete
visibility is your only asset. With a transparent roof, you can survey the
skies, dunes, and hills above you without ever leaving your seat. And because
we know the enemy isn’t the only thing that can get you down, we’ve lightly
tinted this roof to protect you from harmful UV rays.

Tactical-Grade Construction
Polycarbonate is a top-
tier, battle-ready material chosen for its military-grade strength. It’s 250
times stronger than glass and 25 times stronger than acrylic. The robust
clamps and watertight seals secure it to your machine and give you a quiet
ride. By putting this roof on your machine, you’ve weaponized your rig to its
fullest potential.

XR Optic Hard Coating—Ultimate

Adding XR Optic Hard Coating to this roof makes it
virtually indestructible. It boosts scratch resistance, retaining its crystal-
clear clarity while resisting the effects of sun damage, yellowing, or fading
over time. Your enemy will wave their white flag when they see your defenses
can’t be penetrated.

A Winged Roof
This roof
is an intimidating piece of equipment that performs as impressively as it
looks. It’s not to be underestimated—it channels air downwards, clearing
debris from the bed of your machine without the risk of sucking more in.


  • Made of 1/4″ light-tinted polycarbonate
  • Gives you full
    visibility and awareness
  • Keeps out the sun, rain, and debris
  • Heavy-duty steel clamps keep roof secure
  • Sealed edges to prevent
  • Snug, rattle-free fit
  • Easy to install—includes all
    hardware and instructions


  • Polaris RZR 900 : 2015-2020