Assault Industries Polaris RZR S 900 Tinted Roof


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Overhead Protection
Your RZR belongs on the dunes,
soldier! But you can’t afford to lose sight of the enemy while trying to keep
sand from invading your cockpit. That’s where Assault Industries’ RZR S 900
Tinted Roof comes in. It’s the ultimate protection against the elements,
harmful UV rays, and anything your enemy fires at you.

Complete Visibility
With the perfect combination of
visibility and versatility, victory is within reach. This lightly-tinted roof
ensures both by protecting you from harmful UV rays without impeding your
view. Before you climb dunes and hills, you’ll see what’s at the top, securing
the best advantage point for your next attack.


In the heat of battle, you need a roof that can stand
up to the toughest conditions. That’s why we’ve constructed this tinted roof
from 1/4″ polycarbonate—a material 25 times stronger than acrylic and 250
times stronger than glass. With heavy-duty clamps and watertight seals, this
polycarbonate windshield may be the only thing standing after a missile

XR Optic Hard Coating
XR Optic Hard
Coating is the go-to option to make this roof battle-ready. This coating makes
it scratch and UV-resistant—preventing yellowing, fading, and loss of clarity.

Includes a Badass Rear Wing
A tactically
designed roof is essential to intimidate your opponents and gain the upper
hand. That’s why this roof has a rear wing that puts off intimidating look and
produces a down draft behind your cab. This draft blows away sand and dust
from your rig’s bed without sucking more in.


  • Made of 1/4″ light-tinted polycarbonate
  • Gives you full
    visibility and awareness
  • Utilizes XR Optic Hard Coating
  • Keeps out the sun, rain, and debris
  • Heavy-duty steel clamps keep
    roof secure
  • Sealed edges to prevent leaking
  • Snug, rattle-
    free fit
  • Easy to install—includes all hardware and instructions


  • Polaris RZR S 900 : 2015-2020