Assault Industries Quick Release Folding Whip Mount


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The Assault Industries quick release folding whip mounts are designed to
add speed, simplicity and convenience to your riding routine! Whips of some
sort are required while riding and for good reason as they can alert fellow
riders of your presence which helps avoid accidents! If you run tall whips,
they must be removed so they do not get damaged or damage other property
during travel to and from the ride location.

The Assault Industries
solution for this is a bracket that allows you to flip your whips up or down
with a quick release pin that locks the whip into position eliminating the
need to remove them. The quick release pin features a plunger that locks a
small ball bearing in the outward position making it impossible to remove or
shake out of place – when the plunger is depressed the ball falls into the
shaft allowing the pin to slide out effortlessly.

The bracket assembly
is hard anodized black and finished with a laser engraved Assault Industries
logo on the center of the main body. The mount includes a grounding wire if
illuminated whips will be used.

Package Contents

Whip Mount
(1) Ground Wire


  • Universal fitment
  • Quick release pin locks assembly
  • Pin locks whip mount in up or down position
  • Rugged
  • Billet aluminum
  • Ground cable provided for LED
  • Eliminates need to remove whips for transport and storage