Can-Am Defender HD9 Atlas Pro 1.5" Forward Offset A-Arms


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Stronger, Beefier A-Arms
SuperATV’s Can-Am Defender HD9
Atlas Pro 1.5″ Forward Offset A-Arms have tubing that’s 50% larger than stock.
These tough A-arms last longer, help your vehicle handle rough rides more
easily, and have 7/8-inch heim joints that make your camber easy to adjust.
Plus, the 1.5” forward offset gives you enough room for up to 31” tires.
They’re a must-have if you love mud-bogging or rock crawling.

  • 1.5”
    offset makes room for up to 31” tires
  • Bend design gives 1.5” of
    additional clearance
  • 1.5” tubing is bigger and stronger than

50% Larger Than OEM
These A-arms
have some serious muscle with their beefed-up 1.5-inch tubing that’s tougher
than stock. Plus, they’re 50% larger than your regular A-arms, which means
they’re the ones that should make the trail debris nervous, not the other way

Room for up to 31” Tires
These A-arms?
They’re pure performance magic. The 1.5” offset allows you to run massive 31″
tires without a lift kit, but their custom bend design gives you an impressive
1.5″ extra ground clearance. So, go ahead, show off those beefed-up A-arms and
watch how effortlessly they elevate your ride to the next level of off-road

The Biggest Heims We Could Fit
When it comes to heim joints, ours are in a league of their own. These upper
heim joints boast a solid 7/8″ build that’s as sturdy as it gets. They don’t
just stop at being tough—they’re also highly adjustable, letting you fine-tune
your camber to perfection. And let’s not forget the superior articulation they
deliver compared to stock OEM ball joints.

Camber Adjustability

Heim joints are the secret weapon for fine-
tuning your vehicle’s camber. These joints provide superior adjustability,
allowing you to make precise camber adjustments. They come set to stock specs
so you can leave them alone or tailor them to your specific setup.

Durable PTFE-Lined Lower Ball Joints
The lower monoball
joints come equipped with a durable PTFE liner. PTFE is incredibly long-
lasting, so it can handle all the abuse you can dish out for many years to


  • Adds a 1.5” forward offset
  • Adds 1.5” of ground
  • Fit up to 31” tires
  • 7/8” upper heim joints
  • 1.5” tubing is 50% larger than stock
  • Utilizes stock A-arm
  • Steering stop kit included
  • UV-resistant powder coat
  • Easy to install
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Pairs perfectly with GDP Portals


  • Can-Am Defender HD 9 : 2022+
  • Can-Am Defender HD 9 DPS :
  • Can-Am Defender HD 9 XT : 2022+
  • Can-Am Defender MAX HD
    9 : 2022+
  • Can-Am Defender MAX HD 9 DPS : 2022+
  • Can-Am
    Defender MAX HD 9 XT : 2022+