Can-Am Maverick Sport Flip Down Glass Windshield


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The Most Versatile Windshield
You need versatility if
you’re planning a full weekend of riding and the forecast is looking
questionable. We have just the thing—SuperATV’s Can-Am Maverick Sport Flip
Down Glass Windshield. It gives you protection from the trail when it’s in the
raised position and a nice breeze when it’s lowered.

  • DOT-approved
    scratch-resistant glass
  • Ultra-strong powder-coated steel frame
  • Secure Seal technology for a rattle-free ride
  • Bumpers and clamps
    absorb impact
  • Includes a manual wiper and BreezeRite vents

Extreme Clarity and DOT Approved
The design of this
windshield allows you to ride how you want. It’s got a wide viewing angle and
is scratch resistant, so you can take on rough terrain and keep your crystal-
clear view. It’s also DOT approved—hit the road and take your adventure to a
whole new level!

Powder-Coated Steel Frame
Unlike most glass windshield frames made from aluminum, we decided to use
steel. The choice of steel reduces vibrations that could lead to cracks,
especially when the windshield is resting on the hood. To top it off, we’ve
applied a durable powder coating to the frame for added strength and

Secure Seal Technology for Your Maverick

Thanks to our cutting-edge Secure Seal technology, your
windshield won’t be going anywhere regardless of the way you ride. Our premium
seals give this windshield a secure, snug fit to your machine, preventing
water and dust from entering your cab and giving you the rattle-free ride
you’ll love.

Bumpers and Clamps Absorb Impact
With our glass windshield, you can forget about being overly cautious. It uses
rubber bumpers and straps designed to absorb the impact of rough rides when
it’s in the flip-down position. Hit that challenging terrain without holding
back or babying your ride!

BreezeRite Vents, Manual Wiper,
Preinstalled Glass

We’ve thought of everything when it comes to
this Maverick glass windshield. Our BreezeRite vents give you complete control
over your airflow. We included a manual wiper with two mounting positions—one
on the passenger’s side and one on the driver’s. And we took the extra step to
preinstall the glass into the steel frame for you. That’s a whole lot of
convenience in one package.


  • Includes a manual wiper
  • Two locations for manual wipers,
    driver and passenger side
  • Uses DOT-approved glass with a wide viewing
  • Powder-coated steel frame reinforces glass and prevents
  • Rubber gaskets eliminate leaks and deliver a rattle-free
  • Includes two injection-molded BreezeRite vents
  • Durable
    rubber straps keep lowered windshield secure


  • Can-Am Maverick Sport 1000 : 2019+
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport
    1000 DPS : 2019+
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport 1000R DPS : 2019+
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport 1000R XMR: 2019+
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport
    1000R XRC : 2019+
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport 1000R XXC : 2020+
  • Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX 1000R DPS : 2019+

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