Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX Full Skid Plate


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Complete End-to-End Protection
Your Can-Am Maverick
Sport Max was built to dominate rocks, mud, and hills. But it can’t reach its
full potential without some upgraded machine protection. Keep the trail from
damaging your undercarriage with SuperATV’s Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX Full
Skid Plate. Constructed from a robust proprietary blend of UHMW, this skid
plate provides comprehensive protection from end to end. From wooded trails to
rocky cliffs, this skid plate will instill the confidence to push your machine
to its limits.

Made of Proprietary ARMW
manufacture this Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX skid plate with 1/2″ thick ARMW
material. Why? Because our proprietary blend of UHMW provides abrasion
resistance, unbeatable impact strength, and low-wear characteristics. With our
patented interlocking design, this skid plate will stay in place and protect
your undercarriage. Can your stock plate say the same?

Smoother Ride

We grade terrain based on its level of roughness.
The rougher, the better! You can push your Can-Am Maverick to its limits with
our ARMW skid plate and flush, countersunk hardware. You can glide right over
rocks, stumps, and trail debris without reducing your speed. You can conquer
the roughest terrain knowing your machine’s protected.

Precision Cut for a Perfect Fit
We use our in-house
routers to CNC cut our ARMW skid plates, giving you a flawless fit to your
machine. Combining our precision cuts and easy-to-follow instructions gives
you an insanely fast turnaround time. Plus, our built-in drain ports make
washing out mud and debris effortless, and you still get easy access to your
drain plugs. You’ll be back on the trail and kickin’ up dirt before you know

Pat. No. 10,202,149


  • Made with 1/2” thick proprietary ARMW material
  • Uses patented
    interlocking design
  • Abrasion, break, and bend resistant
  • Bolts fit flush to skid plate for smooth surface
  • Full front-to-
    back protection
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Drain ports make
    cleanup easy


  • Can-Am Maverick Sport MAX : 2021+