Can-Am Renegade Sintered Brake Pads


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The Brake Pad Replacement You Need
Your Can-Am Renegade
will get you through the trail fast. But do you have the power to stop when
you need to? Your brakes aren’t something you want to wait until the last
minute to replace. When you hit the brakes and hear the screech, it’s time to
replace them with SuperATV’s Can-Am Renegade Sintered Brake Pads. They’re
built to handle quick stops and the roughest rides. You can ride how you want
by installing these to your machine, knowing your rig will stop on a dime.

Sintered Copper Compound
You need a set of
Renegade brake pads that will work the moment you press them. That’s why we
use a sintered copper compound that gives you a superior grip no matter what
you’ve put them through. Our clever design gives these brake pads plenty of
stopping power even after you’ve sunk them in water and mud. Plus, they stay
cool to ensure your brakes won’t overheat when you have to hit them time and
time again.

Note: Sold as a set of four.


  • Made with a steel backing plate
  • Uses sintered copper pads
    for extreme durability
  • Cool operation for consistent grip
  • Excellent gripping power in wet or dry conditions


  • Can-Am Renegade : 2016-2017
  • Can-Am Renegade 1000 :
  • Can-Am Renegade 1000 XXC : 2014
  • Can-Am Renegade
    1000R : 2018
  • Can-Am Renegade 1000R XMR : 2021+
  • Can-Am
    Renegade 1000R XXC : 2021+
  • Can-Am Renegade 500 : 2014-2015
  • Can-Am Renegade 570 : 2018+
  • Can-Am Renegade 650 XMR : 2022+
  • Can-Am Renegade 800R : 2014-2015
  • Can-Am Renegade 800R XXC :
  • Can-Am Renegade 850 : 2018+
  • Can-Am Renegade 850 XXC :

Replaces OEM Part #:
Right Side: 705601014

NOTE: One set fits front or rear.