Honda Pioneer 1000 RackBoss 2.0 Billet Aluminum Hex Tie Rod Kit


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Ultimate Strength and Good Looks
The last thing you want
when you’re riding is to tell your Pioneer to turn and it doesn’t fully
commit. Installing SuperATV’s Honda Pioneer 1000 RackBoss 2.0 Billet Aluminum
Hex Tie Rod Kit lets you ride confidently, knowing it’ll keep your steering
tight. It’s stronger than stock and looks dang good on your machine. This kit
is exactly what you need to stay in control.


We get it—performance and strength are numbers one and two
when it comes to machine parts. But it doesn’t hurt to add a little extra
flair to set this tie rod kit apart from others on the market. Its hexagonal
design and polished billet aluminum will stand out in a crowd.

Billet Aluminum and 3/4″ Tie Rod Ends
The 6061-T6 billet
aluminum we use doesn’t just look good—it’s also incredibly strong and
lightweight. It’s the best material to battle against rough, rocky terrain.
And we’ve paired it with our oversized 3/4″ chromoly heims, inner ball joints,
and sockets to strengthen your weak OEM points. Plus, the inner 16 mm rack
threads are the toughest you can get. So don’t hold back—outfit your machine
how you want, knowing you can count on this tie rod kit.

Install and Adjust Toe Easily
This kit comes with
everything you need. Our design allows you to set your toe as easily as
possible without having to remove any parts. And installation is super simple.
You’ll have this kit installed and flying down the trail in no time.

Kit Includes

  • 6061 hex billet tie rod shafts
  • 3/4” inner and outer tie rod ends
  • All boots and zip ties
  • Misalignment bushings and hardware
  • Thread locker


  • Solid 6061 billet aluminum tie rods for maximum strength,
    performance, and style
  • Compatible with RackBoss 2.0 Rack and Pinion
  • Hardened heim joint tie rod ends
  • 3/4” diameter inner
    and outer tie rod threads
  • Massive 16 mm rack threads
  • Stock
    length replacement
  • Easily adjustable without disassembling
  • Tie rods backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Honda Pioneer 1000 : 2016+
  • Honda Pioneer 1000-5 : 2016+

NOTE: Compatible with SuperATV’s RackBoss 2.0 Rack and
Pinion only