Honda Pioneer 700-4 Full Skid Plate


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A Full Skid Plate for Protection
Your Pioneer is tough,
but its underbelly is still vulnerable to damage from trail hazards. Equip
SuperATV’s Honda Pioneer 700-4 Full Skid Plate for total protection. It blocks
sticks and rocks that could stab into the cab from below. And it helps you
slide over obstacles that would otherwise have you rolling home in limp mode.

Super Tough ARMW
This isn’t just any old skid
plate. It’s made from ARMW, our propriety blend of UHMW. It slides over
obstacles with ease and is virtually unbreakable. We’ve included washout holes
to keep you from collecting crud under the skid plate. You also get easy
access points to perform maintenance without removing the whole skid plate.

Everything You Need for Install
Our skid plate
is designed to fit your Pioneer seamlessly. Our patented interlocking design
guarantees a perfect fit and eliminates weak spots. We design and manufacture
every skid plate in house, so you know you’re getting a top-quality product
straight from the source. We give you everything you need to get it installed,
saving you time and money.

Pat. No. 10,202,149


  • Offers full front-to-back protection
  • Made with 1/2” thick
    proprietary ARMW material
  • Abrasion, break, and bend resistant
  • Laser scanned and CNC cut for a perfect fit
  • Drain ports make
    cleanup easy


  • Honda Pioneer 700-4 : 2014+