Honda Pioneer 520 A-Arm Bushings


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Better Replacement Bushings
When your OEM bushings wear
out, you have a big opportunity to upgrade to something better. Ditch the HDPE
used by stock, and get SuperATV’s Honda Pioneer 520 A-Arm Bushings that are
made from UHMW. This complete kit gives you all the bushings you need front
and back. And these bushings last way longer than stock, so they’ll run smooth
even with years of hard work.

UHMW Is the Best
UHMW is the ultimate bushing material. It’s incredibly durable and self-
lubricating—the more you use it, the smoother it gets. That’s why these
Pioneer 520 bushings will outlast your OEM bushings by a long shot. In fact,
many people never have to replace their bushings again after switching to
UHMW. Plus, they’re CNC machined and include zinc-plated steel sleeves for a
perfect fit.

Kit Includes:

  • (16) Front
    bushings for OEM A-arms
  • (16) Front bushings for SuperATV A-arms
  • (8) Front sleeves
  • (16) Rear inner bushings for OEM A-arms
  • (16) Rear inner bushings for SuperATV A-arms
  • (8) Rear inner
  • (8) Rear outer bushings
  • (4) Rear outer sleeves


  • Made with self-lubricating UHMW
  • Low-wear characteristics
    give you more miles than stock bushings
  • CNC machined for a perfect
  • Designed for OEM and SuperATV A-arms


  • Honda Pioneer 520 : 2021+