Honda Talon 1000R RackBoss 2.0 Billet Aluminum Hex Tie Rod Kit


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A Premium Kit for Better Control
We’ve seen it happen
too many times: you’re cruising along when a tie rod end suddenly breaks and
sends you careening off track. That’s why we decided to fix it with our Honda
Talon 1000R RackBoss 2.0 Billet Aluminum Hex Tie Rod Kit. Our oversized tie
rod ends are the industry’s best and the polished billet tie rods give you a
premium look that makes your Talon the best in the park.

Best-Looking Tie Rods Around

Our polished billet tie rods are
unmistakable. The hex design makes sure that when people do a double take,
they know your rig is serious. They even look good when they’re covered in
mud. These sleek Honda Talon 1000R tie rods are the definition of awesome.

Stronger Tie Rod Ends and Better Rods
aren’t everything on this kit. We made our tie rod ends bigger to fix the OEM
weak spot and make them the strongest you can get. With massive 3/4” rod
threads on the inner and outer tie rod ends, you can rely on them to carry you
through anything. The 6061-T6 billet rods they’re paired with are ultra strong
but lightweight, making this the high-performance kit your Talon really needs.

Install and Adjust Them Easily
You get every
part you need in the box from rods to zip ties to hardware, so you won’t have
to make a trip to the hardware store to get it on your machine. And we’ve
designed it to make setting your toe as easy as possible without removing any
parts to make adjustments.

Kit Includes

  • 6061 billet tie rod shafts
  • 3/4” inner and outer tie rod ends
  • All boots and zip ties
  • Misalignment bushings and hardware
  • Thread locker


  • Solid 6061 billet aluminum tie rods for maximum strength,
    performance, and style
  • Hardened heim joint tie rod ends
  • 3/4”
    diameter inner and outer tie rod threads
  • Stock length
  • Easily adjustable without disassembling
  • Tie rods
    backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Honda Talon 1000R : 2019+


  • Compatible with RackBoss 2.0 rack and pinion only