Honda Rubicon 520 Radiator Relocation Kit


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Protect Your Radiator
When you ride through mud and
brush, your radiator takes a beating. Protect it from clogs and punctures with
SuperATV’s Radiator Relocation Kit for the Honda Rubicon 520. It puts your
radiator in front of your handlebars and reinforces it with a 1/8” steel mesh.
It’ll give you the confidence to dive deep.

Stop Clogs and

By moving your radiator to the front of your
handlebars, we get it out of harm’s way—mud won’t clog it and sticks won’t
pierce it. And your rad is protected with a 1/8” steel mesh for any random
rocks that manage to fly up. It’s tough as nails—even the cap gets extra

Better Airflow and Easy to Clean
Raising the radiator naturally gives it better airflow to keep your ATV
running cool. Plus, any mud or dust that it collects can be sprayed off
easily, so your performance doesn’t dip on the next ride.


  • Relocates radiator to in front of your handlebars
  • Protects
    radiator with 1/8” steel grille and plating
  • Maintains excellent
    airflow for your radiator
  • Doesn’t block your view
  • Pairs
    perfectly with snorkel kits
  • Easy installation


  • Honda Rubicon 520 : 2020+