Honda Talon 1000R Wakeboard Speaker Mount


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A Convenient Mount Bar
You’ve got the perfect machine,
the best ride spot, and some pretty cool buddies to enjoy it with. All that’s
missing is a place to mount your favorite pod speakers! SuperATV’s Wakeboard
Speaker Mount is the perfect solution. This 1-3/4″ bar secures to the rear of
your Honda Talon 1000R’s frame using a pair of adjustable clamps. It keeps
your pod speakers securely in place without obstructing your view or rear
cargo area.

Not Just for Speakers
might be the most popular use for this mount bar, but that’s not the only
application. If it can be secured to a 1-3/4″ bar, this mount can hold it!
We’re talking flags, whip lights, or anything else designed to make your ride
stand out. This bar is built to withstand the elements, giving you years of
unwavering performance. Powder-coated steel tubing ensures that your UTV
accessories aren’t going anywhere.

Quick and Easy

We’re all about convenience–nobody wants to spend
all afternoon in the garage when you could be hitting the trails. That’s why
we made sure installing this speaker/accessory mount is as simple as possible.
It attaches to your side-by-side’s cage in a matter of minutes using
adjustable clamps. No drilling or welding required!

Need some
speakers? Kick up the tunes with a pair of MTX MUD65PL UTV Speakers with LED Lights!


* Compatible with most wakeboard speakers and aftermarket accessories
* 1-3/4″ DOM steel tube construction
* Powder coated for added durability
* Easy install—mount bar attaches to your frame using adjustable clamps


* Honda Talon 1000R : 2019+