Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 EZ-STEER Series 6 Power Steering Kit


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Unbeatable Strength with 1 Battery!
You built the KRX
you’ve been dreaming about with a giant set of GDP portals and monster tires,
but the dream turned into a nightmare! You can barely steer the thing off the
trailer, let alone on the trail! No worries—instead of throwing your back out,
get SuperATV’s Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 EZ-STEER Series 6 Power Steering Kit.
At 600 watts, it’s the strongest EPS kit you can get without adding another

Responds to Speed
Giant tires + deep
mud = no problem with this EPS kit. It eliminates jerky steering too, so no
rocks or logs will rip the wheel out of your hands. Every ride on every
terrain just got easier with this power steering kit! We mean every terrain
too. It’s speed-sensitive. That means you get extremely responsive control
when you’re moving slowly, but when you’re flying toward the next bounty hole
the steering isn’t too touchy. That helps prevent over-correction before it

Go (Wet) Places with EZ-STEER
ain’t no wimpy little power steering kit—it’s EZ-STEER! EZ-STEER kits are
designed to handle major abuse without so much as a whimper. No matter how
crazy the ride gets, our power steering kit will keep up. It’s completely
waterproof thanks to fully sealed input and output shafts and a watertight
control box. No moisture will get into the electronic components and gunk them
up. The same innovative tech that makes it waterproof also protects it from
dirt and sand, which can be extremely corrosive over time. The best part? You
get everything you need to install it right in the box, and there’s NO

Trust SuperATV
We tested a ton of
different versions of this 600-watt power steering kit before we decided it
was good enough for SuperATV customers. We’ve got crazy high standards and we
put everything we make through intensive lab and field testing. We push it to
the extreme in the lab to find its limits. Then we installed it on our own KRX
and sent it out with some of our meanest riders to see what it could really
do. We buried it in the mud, drown it in the creek, pushed it up rocky cliffs,
and raced back to the shop as fast as possible with the good news. No matter
what we put it through, this EPS kit didn’t overheat, drain the battery, or
take on water. Now that’s quality!

We’re so confident in this EPS
kit that we back it up with a 3-year warranty!


Is 600 watts overkill for you? Check out our 400-watt
. It’s made with the same awesome EZ-STEER features in a smaller


  • 600-watt motor that doesn’t require a second battery
  • Capable
    of steering 50”+ tires with ease
  • Eliminates steering feedback
  • Compact control box for easier mounting and installation
  • No
    soldering required for EZ-STEER wiring
  • Sealed input and output
  • Waterproof control box and connectors—IP67 rated
  • Pairs perfectly with GDP Portals


  • Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 : 2020+
  • Kawasaki Teryx KRX 4 1000 :