Kawasaki Teryx S 6" Portal Gear Lift


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Gen 3 Portals Are Built for All
There’s nothing better
than customizing your machine to suit your ride style. When you add SuperATV’s
GDP 6” Portal Gear Lift to your Kawasaki Teryx S, that’s exactly what you’re
doing. Our portals give you a boost in ground clearance, room for bigger
tires, and your choice of a 30% or 45% gear reduction. You also get a say in
whether we use cast or USA-made billet aluminum housings, both of which offer
unbeatable strength. No matter which options you go with, GDP offers exactly
what you need.

GDP—The Most Trusted Name in Portals

Still not sure whether SuperATV’s portals are right for you? Just ask any
of the thousands of riders who are already rolling on GDP. We’ve invested more
time and money in portals than anyone else in the industry. And as soon as you
get these things on your Teryx, you’ll see that our efforts paid off.

Perfect for Mud
Mud and portals go hand in
hand—they’re a match made in heaven, if you will. You’ll need the extra 6” of
lift to cut through those deep, swampy mud pits without getting stuck. And
without a gear reduction, you may not have the torque you need to keep your
wheels spinning. If you thought mud was fun before, just wait until you try it
with these Teryx S 6” portals.

A Gear Reduction That
Protects Your Drivetrain

Some modifications place the gear
reduction in your drivetrain which places unnecessary stress on your axles,
prop shaft, and transmission. Luckily, GDP Portals don’t fall into that
category. We place the gear reduction directly in the hub to greatly reduce
the amount of strain placed on your Teryx’s most vital parts. You’ll get more
life out of your drivetrain, and you’ll save money and hassle in the long run.

about how tire size and gear reduction can unleash your machine’s

The Best Gear Material Around
best portals are made of the best gear material. That’s why we use premium,
top-of-the-line 9310 alloy steel gears to keep your portal gear lift running
flawlessly. Our gears are precision ground for quiet operation and perfect
mating every time. As a result, you’re left with a comfortable and smooth ride
every time you get behind the wheel.

Our Housings Are
Stronger by Design

The portal housings keep everything safe,
protected, and in its place. That’s why we spared no expense when designing
GDP Portal housings. After years of research and testing, we’re able to give
you two unbeatable options. Choose from cast and USA-made 6061 billet aluminum
with a sleek CNC-machined finish. Spoiler alert: you can’t go wrong. Either
way, you’re getting the best portal boxes on the market.

  • Our housings
    are reinforced in all the right places
  • They’re built with better oil
    flow and gearing forces in mind
  • There are no gimmicks and no vents
    because vents do more harm than good—we know because we tested them

The Strongest Portal Backing Plates You Can Get
didn’t stop at strong housings—our backing plates are just as impressive.
They’re 5/16” thick and made with an advanced steel alloy. This isn’t your
average alloy—it’s even stronger than chromoly and specialized for
ridiculously high-force applications. The backing plates on GDP Portals will
outlast your machine’s lifespan by a longshot, so you’ll never have to worry
about taking it easy for fear of breaking something.

Advanced Gaskets and Seals
Whether you go with cast or
billet, both housings use:

  • Advanced gaskets with excellent oil
    resistance and a lower deterioration rate than Kevlar gaskets
  • A
    sealed input gear and double-lipped output seal
  • 100% sealing coverage
    throughout so you can forget about oil leaks

You Won’t
Find Better Bearings

If your bearings fail, your portals are
toast. That’s why we didn’t cut any corners with this part either. We use
roller bearings to hold the idler gear in place. Our output bearing is a
double-angular contact bearing that can handle huge loads in any direction
without showing premature wear. We’re not just blowing steam when we say our
bearings are the best—they’re truly built for battle and just another reason
why GDP is the best.

Universal Hubs and Slotted

Our portals use precision-ground, stainless steel slotted
rotors to run cool and deliver the precise braking power you need. They come
with 4/156, 4/137, 4/115, and 4/110 bolt patterns and lugs so you can run just
about any side-by-side wheel imaginable. We also invented the tapered output
shaft that the hubs attach to, which gives you a more secure lock that won’t
wobble or wear over time.

Top-Rated Customer

Still need a little help getting exactly what you need?
We’ve got a dedicated team just for portal support. Give us a call so we can
get the perfect set of portals in your hands today.

4″ Portal Gear Lift Includes:
(4) Assembled portal hub boxes complete with 9310 gears, seals,
output shaft, gaskets, and thrust bearings
(4) Universal
hubs and precision-ground stainless steel slotted rotors with lugs
(4) Specialized steel alloy backing plates
Steel caliper mounting plates with spacers
(2) Steel
steering arms
Extended brake lines with parking brake and
brake cable brackets
All required hardware, including
recessed castle nut socket
Max Tire Size Recommendations for 6″
Portal Gear Lift
Max Tire Size Required Suspension Setup with GDP Portals
Up to 32″ Stock
If you need help figuring out which gear reduction is right for you,
check out our portal gear reduction calculator.
Max tire sizes are measured at full
compression and full turn. The given tires sizes are the largest we fit
without rubbing. With minor trimming or a small amount of rub, larger tire
sizes can be used.

Patent # 11,299,042


  • Available with billet or cast aluminum housing
  • Cool, quiet,
    precision-ground gears made from 9310 alloy billet steel
  • Increases
    width by 4 in. per side (8 in. total)
  • 1.5 in. diameter 4340 hardened
    steel driveshaft
  • Housings use advanced gaskets that don’t let
    anything through
  • Universal hub fits all major bolt patterns
  • Gear reduction reduces stress on your drivetrain
  • Weighs 224 lb.
    total, which is 25+ lb. lighter than the competition

Wheel Requirements:

  • 18” or larger wheel
  • 18” wheels cannot exceed 4-1/2” backspacing
  • 20”
    and larger wheels cannot exceed 5” backspacing


  • Kawasaki Teryx S: 2021+
  • Kawasaki Teryx 4S: 2021+

NOTE: Wheels need to have a center hole of at least
3.25″ (82.55 mm) or will require a 1” wheel spacer.

Additional information

Portal Housing Material

Billet, Cast

Portal Gear Reduction

30%, 45%