Polaris General High Clearance 1.5" Rear Offset A-Arms


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The Suspension Upgrade You Need
Your Polaris General was
built for working hard and playing harder. But sometimes, that stock
suspension just isn’t up for the task at hand. That’s why SuperATV designed
these High Clearance 1.5″ Rear Offset A-Arms. The unique bend design delivers
extra clearance and the rear offset extends your wheelbase, allowing you to
run bigger tires without even installing a lift kit! And if strength is what
you need, you’re in the right place. They’re made with 1.25″ tubing that’s not
only larger, but also more dependable than your stock arms. You’re not getting
the most out of your General until you’ve upgraded with SuperATV.

No More Getting Hung Up
Would you rather have some
additional ground clearance or room for bigger tires? With our rear offset
A-arms, you get both! The unique bend design delivers an extra 1.5″ of ground
clearance, and a 1.5″ rear offset extends your wheelbase. Not only does this
give you room for bigger tires, but it will provide more stability to your
machine, too. Installing these A-arms on your General will have you sailing
over the obstacles that used to get you down.

Smarter Design

We make these rear control arms using 1.25″
tubing to ensure that they’re not only bigger, but also stronger than your
stock arms. They’re finished with a durable powder coating that makes them
more durable, long-lasting, and good looking. We also include UHMW bushings
for free, and they’re preinstalled! These self-lubricating bushings are nearly
indestructible and virtually frictionless, so you can stay riding for longer.
You’ll save time, money, and hassle.

All SuperATV A-arms come with a
lifetime warranty, allowing you to ride as hard as you want without worry
about breaking something. No matter what happens, SuperATV has got you

Industry-Leading Adjustable Pivot Blocks

Your rear offset A-arms also come with industry-leading adjustable pivot
blocks. Being able to adjust your alignment gives you total control over your
camber, so you’ll never have to worry about premature tire wear, no matter how
hard you ride. We make sure they’re preadjusted to stock specifications right
out of the box, so you only have to mess with them if you want to.

Learn more about what camber is, how it affects
your ride, and how to adjust it perfectly.

Installation requires drilling two 12mm holes in the rear A-arm. See
instructions for details. <!– Why we make them?
doesn’t want extra ground clearance and room for bigger tires? SuperATV’s
General High-Clearance Rear A-Arms take your machine to unmatched style and
performance. With an additional 1.5″ of added ground clearance and 1.5″ of
extended wheel base, you’ll clear obstacles that would once get you down.
Backed by a lifetime warranty, our unique dual bend design arms are carefully
crafted to maintain factory steering geometry. Pair with our 3″ lift for
ultimate ground clearance.

Industry Leading

SuperATV’s General High-Clearance A-Arms feature
industry leading adjustable pivot blocks. Unlike others, SuperATV Arms allow
you to custom tailor your ride to fit your individual riding needs. SuperATV’s
adjustable pivot blocks eliminate the worry of premature tire wear that can
come from the addition of a lift kit, new shocks, or larger tires.

What does that Mean for You?
Our precision
engineered arms have no added wear and tear on important components, such as
axles and bushings, to keep your wheels turning longer.

Includes FREE UHMW Bushings Pre-installed
These A-arms
include UHMW bushings pre-installed–a $99.95 value–for FREE. UHMW is nearly
indestructible and virtually frictionless. That means it has wear
characteristics that are much better than stock. UHMW is self-lubricating
which means that the more you use it, the smoother it gets. They’ll outlast
any other bushing material on the market and save you loads of time and money.


* Adds 1.5” of rear offset
* Fit up to 28” tires with 0” offset front A-arms
* Fit up to 32” tires with 1.5” offset front A-arms
* 1.25” tubing is 25% larger than stock
* Adjustable pivot blocks for full camber adjustability
* Includes high-quality UHMW bushings at no extra cost
* UV-resistant powder coat finish
* Easy to install
* Backed by a lifetime warranty


* Polaris General : 2016+
* Polaris General 4 : 2017+


* Does not fit Polaris General XP 1000 : 2020+ or Polaris General XP 4 1000 : 2020+
* Requires use of Rhino Axles
* Wheel spacers are required if you are running the base model General with Carlisle tires on steel rims in the rear.

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